Our Story

It all started in the winter of 2019 when the founder of The Mat, Rania Nowier, decided to fill a gap she believed, was missing in Egypt. The missing gap, according to Nowier, was creativity in addition to premium quality doormats, that not only scrape shoes clean, but also, add some style and character to homes. 

The Mat has become one of the most successful Egyptian doormat businesses in recent years. Nowier understands the creative art behind doormats, therefore, basic doormats turned into unique doormats which gave the sensation of “a step into a unique home” which was exactly what Nowier was aiming for.  




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Whepoge May 27, 2021

Can u make different sizes?

LIlian January 29, 2020

Well done Rania. A proper functional door mat is an important accessory we have been missing in Egypt. The customization option is a great idea.

Tarek Khalil January 10, 2020

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